Augmented Reality Experiences

Igneous Interactive was founded by creating an Augmented Reality Mural, using our app to host these experiences, with image targets to display the animated content. We use hand drawn 2D animation that is layered onto real life content, to enhance onto what is normally a static installation or picture cards that can be passed to people.

We use the powerful game engine Unity to create our AR experiences. This gives us the freedom to make our experiences diverse and limitless. They can be mini games to create additional engagement with its audience, use haptics to make the experiences more immersive.

Our first mural was made into a mini hide and seek game, where the characters are initially hidden and will pop out when the camera viewer hovers above the characters. There are optional clues for the user if they struggle to find the characters.

If you have an idea that can involve Augmented Reality for your community or your business then reach out to us. We'll work with you to make your idea into an experience that caters your needs. To summarize we can create:

  • Augmented Reality Experiences for you

  • 2D animations

  • Mini Games or interaction


Do check out the murals we've worked on with our app to experience them fully. Click the AR Murals page, expand each one to full screen and experience them.

We can also create Instagram or Facebook AR experiences using Spark AR, if you would like your experience to not be hosted from our app, depending on the simplicity of your needs.