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Isolation and Loneliness AR Cards

The Pandemic has brought the issue of loneliness to those dealing with national lockdowns or having to

isolate. This has become an issue for lots of young people who are so used to being with friends outside, being stuck inside not having physical interaction is an unpleasant experience that young people shouldn't have to experience.

Igneous worked with Youth Focus South West to create an interactive and engaging AR experience for LGBTQ+ young people, to give them tips and support on dealing with various issues that come with isolation. Issues such as health, online safety and their rights are discussed to help young people to take on activities and seek out on better coping with isolation.

Each issue has been made into cards that are show above, in conjunction with the Igneous Experiences app to bring out an interactive UI and a character to give advice to users. Use the arrow buttons to cycle through each card.

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